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Allyson Lindt

Pin-up Girl

Pin-up Girl

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I fell for the wrong man once, and I swore never again.

I’m so good with being single that when my childhood friend, Clint, needs to make sure he has health insurance for his daughter, I’m happy to fake marry him and let him have mine.

Then a blast from our past, Clint’s ex-boyfriend from high school, shows up at my vintage clothing shop. Brodie tells me he and I are engaged, thanks to a chance meeting with my grandmother.

How does that happen?

Now I’m caught between the fake husband no one knows about and the fake fiancé everyone is gossiping about, with each of them interested in making our arrangement real and long term. Both of them are better at making me feel loved than I imagined was possible. Can I risk falling again?

When I catch not-my-guys-after-all making out with each other, I have to admit… A happy ending may not be in my future.

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