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Allyson Lindt

Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked

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Love is supposed to be happily ever after, but I don’t buy it.

I thought I’d found my perfect guy… twice. Five years ago, I walked in on Number One with my ex-best friend. This morning, the day I was supposed to marry Number Two, I found him banging the wedding planner.

Wedding’s off, and I’m done spending so much time trying to make myself perfect for the right guy. I’m almost forty and it’s time I lived life for me.

Fortunately, my brother’s (super sexy) best friends are there for me. From bungee jumping to getting down and dirty in the hay, they’re happy to help me check things off my bucket list.

It’s a good thing I’ve sworn off love, or I’d find myself falling for two men again. At the same time. But I know better than to make that mistake again.

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