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Allyson Lindt

The Exception

The Exception

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Midlife crisis or midlife celebration?

I’ve been the responsible one my entire life, including raising a son by myself. With my boy growing up and moving out and me hitting my mid-forties, I’m looking toward all the things I missed out on in life. Hooking up with the hottie a decade younger than me, when I was halfway around the world in Italy, should’ve helped me scratch that let loose itch.

Instead, when I meet my brother’s new screenplay writer, I want another chance with another younger guy.

Then I realize the men know each other. Have a history with each other. Which makes me want them both even more. I don’t even know who I am anymore, but this new, adventurous me is either going to get me in extraordinary trouble, or ensure I have the time of my life.

Responsible me knows it’s time to step back and behave, but I can’t help but make exception after exception for just one more taste. When secrets come to light that could destroy all of us, I wonder how much of a mistake I made trading responsibility for fun.

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